Take Guitar Lessons at iHeartRadio!

NJ George

Guitar, bass, music theory instructor and recording

For 21 years I have taught hundreds of people and have preformed in front of thousands of people all over America and Canada.

Teaching and recording is my passion and my lessons fun and informative.

Learn to play the styles of music and songs you want to lean right away while incorporating what you need to know about music by using your tastes in songs .

All styles taught from classic rock to metal, classical to country , and blues to shred .

Have fun while learning the guitarist You want to be! Many of my students are now regular performers and some even have record deals and tour the country regularly. But many students just learn for the fun and personal enjoyment!

Lessons at IHeartRadio are fun!

To discuss your needs, call NJ (567) 371-5326

NJ and his daughter lani at IHeartRadio guitar studio picture below

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