Robert Plant Says John Bonham Has Visited Him In Dreams During Lockdown

Robert Plant says the social isolation of the pandemic has seemingly reunited him with friends and family who've passed on.

On the latest edition of his Digging Deep with Robert Plant podcast, the Led Zeppelin frontman described to co-host Matt Everitt how his dreams have made him feel less lonely during the past year-and-a-half in lockdown.

“I’ve dreamt that I’ve been back with old friends, quite a lot, like John Bonham, like my father, my son [Karac] who left [in 1977] when he was five,” Plant said. “And they’ve been magnificent moments of great relief.”

Plant continued, addressing the challenge staying in one place has had on someone like himself who is so accustomed to touring the world and traveling. Not that he's complaining, he added, but the pandemic has left him with a powerful feeling of restlessness.

Unable to physically travel, he's made up for lost miles in his dreams.

“But it does create some sort of energy in me that I’ve had to maneuver into another part of my being – subjugate it, stick it in a corner," Plant said. "Because I was always on the go, always planning the next thing. So it seems that when I’m asleep sometimes, I’ve been in a really great place … and I’ve gone somewhere, and now I’ve got to get back to wherever it was, and I’m making my way back through these amazing landscapes.”

Asked about how he's spent his waking hours, Plant explained that he and a couple of neighbors have formed a "pod" to keep each other company.

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