9-yr Old Girl Punches Robber In the Face After He Attacks Her Mother[VIDEO]

I had to post this. When things go down there are certain people that REACT without thinking. This little girl went for it after seeing her mom get attacked. (Same goes for the guy in the background walking with what looks like his woman and a baby stroller).

'West Palm Beach police say Journee Nelson and her mother were shopping for groceries at Sabor Tropical Supermarket on Nov. 2 when the suspect tried to steal her mom's purse..

Police say while Journee's mother was loading groceries into her car, the suspect ‘rushed up on her’ and began to violently pull at her purse before knocking her down. The suspect reportedly told the mother to let go of the purse, "you're going to make me pop you" while reaching for his waistband.' - more via FOx9

Demetrius Jackson was identified and arrested two days later, police said.(MUGSHOT BELOW)

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